Center of Studies of the Contemporary Communication in Europe

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The Center of Studies of the Contemporary Communication in Europe (EURCECOM) is founded on December 29th 2017 (Government Gazette 4646) and belongs to the Department of Sociology. It studies the communicational issues of the contemporary everyday life and more precisely of the parameters composing the European communicational frame (the media but also all the communicational structures in institutions, organizations and developing features of sociality and social link in European area). It aims to relate teaching and research with policies and practices and to connect academic sociology with society.

It also aims to cover:

  • Graduate and postgraduate courses on the objects of the center’s expertise.
  • Research projects with the participation of master and PhD students.
  • Organization of conferences, seminars and similar scientific events as well as the invitation of Greek and Foreign recognized on the domain, Researchers.
  • The realization of print or electronic publications.
  • The cooperation with other Departments of Panteion University but also with relevant Greek and Foreign academic Institutions, Research Centers and Institutes of the same research activities.
  • Products and Services to organizations and institutions (Presidential Decree 159/1984, A 53).


The Center Personnel is constituted by members of the staff of the Department of Sociology having relevant know object, of visiting professors, postdoctoral researchers and PhD candidates and of any other relevant category according to the law.

Means of aim-achievement

In order to achieve its aims the Center conducts researches and studies, supervises theses and works on the object of its expertise, independently or as part of a research project (where students can also participate); organizes specialized seminars and courses studying subjects related to the contemporary European and international communicational frame, as well as national and international conferences and cooperates with other academic institutions, public and private organizations in Greece and abroad. Realizes publications and delivers productions to the media. In general, undertakes any appropriate initiative in the frame of academic deontology.


The Center is directed by a Professor of the Department of Sociology, with international scientific expertise on the domain of Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture, elected according to the law with three yearly office which can be renewed. He /She coordinates the works of the Center, organizes and submits the forthcoming activities to the department, manages its funds, is responsible for the personnel, signs documents and has the general responsibility for the functioning of the Center; he/she also represents the Center to meetings and institutions. Since 2018, Director of the Centre is Professor Christiana Constantopoulou.


The funds of the Center can be provided by any source which does not go against the law and does not burden the University budget.

The Logo: 
The logo of the Center exists in Greek (ΕΜΣΜΕ) and in English (EURCECOM) and is followed by the whole name in smaller characters.

Click here for further details of the Government Gazette 4646, in Greek